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Domain Trade Domain Marketplace:
An unused domain does not have to be worthless: a sale to interested buyers is often possible. We offer you our long standing experience in the domain trade to assist you in buying or selling domains.

At ICDomains buyers can easily and quickly choose a quality domain name from a large selection. Sellers can sell their domain at ICDomains at a fair price.
Domain Parking Domain Parking:
Use our easy, free domain parking service to generate revenue with your domains.

Our advertising partner displays targeted, specific advertisements on your parked domains.

Each click on an advertisement generates revenue for the domain owner. Owners of good, generic domains can earn several hundred dollars each year with ICDomains domain parking.
Domain Brokerage Domain Brokerage:
There is an easier way to get your domain! Choose our Brokerage Service and ICDomains will work to acquire your desired domain for you.

Before negotiation, our brokers will provide you with a comprehensive evaluation of the domain's fair market value.

Once you have chosen a maximum price for the domain, your broker will negotiate for you with the current registered owner. We negotiate worldwide in over 15 languages! Your broker will then work to secure the domain for you at the best possible price while preserving your identity.
Domain Appraisals Domain Appraisals:
With our Domain Appraisal you can ascertain the fair market value of a domain or website.

Multiple factors play a role in determining the value of a domain. Our experience of more than 20,000 successful domain transactions, as well as our long standing, proven domain evaluation system, will determine a fair value for your domain.
Domain Transfer Domain Transfer:
We can help you with the technical transfer of a domain in a cost effective manner, in order to reduce the risk of your domain being lost through fraud or technical error. Domibay's domain transfer experts are available to you for all domains bought/sold through ICDomains as well as for external domain trading.

Our Escrow Service warrants maximal security for buyers and sellers.
Personal Consultation
Do you have questions or require personal consultation? We´d be glad to help.
Send us an email to info@SITE_NAME.com.
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