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Domain names are the new real estate
Building a quality domain name portfolio is the first step to getting your investment rolling. Just as in real estate, savvy domain investors will want to acquire domains with the highest profit potential. When acquiring domains, there are 2 important factors to consider: Traffic, or the amount of visitors a domain receives, and Quality. Traffic is crucial, as domain owners earn a significant amount of money from parking high-traffic domains. Quality is determined by factors such as the length of the domain, its extension and brand potential. A high quality domain will sell at a premium price.

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Maximizing your portfolio's revenue includes parking your domains. Parking allows you to monetize your domain's traffic by hosting targeted ad links on your site. It is similar to renting an unused property, only with domains you are making money from the natural traffic your domains receive each month. You will earn revenue each time a visitor clicks on one of the ads. The keyword system determines what type of ads to display on your parking page. You will want to use our keyword optimizer to ensure the most relevant ads are placed on your site and thus achieving the best conversion.

To learn more about making the most of your domains, check out these sources:
As with any investment, the goal in domaining is to sell at a profitable price. One of the most common questions domain sellers have is how to determine a domain's market value. Knowing a domain's value allows one to sell at the highest profit margins possible. Traffic is, of course, one of the most crucial factors that helps establish a domain's value. However there are additional factors to take into account such as search engine ranking, length and extension, and memorability.

These are some great resources for domain sellers:
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