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Top 5 Hints for Domain-Sellers:

Many people have asked us how to improve their chances of selling domains on Domibay.

Here's our top 5 hints:


  HINT 1 :

Price your domain aggressively! Listing your domain with a price will always generate more bids than a domain listed as "Make Offer" without a price specified. If you're hoping for a fast sale, setting an attention-getting low price is mandatory.

If you're not an experienced domain name seller, it can be a good idea to order a ICDomains domain name appraisal to find out the current market value of your domain.

Finally, make sure you choose the correct pricing option. To allow room for negotiation, choose the "Make Offer" or "At most XX% off" pricing options. This will allow buyers to only enter bids that are within a specified range of your target price.


  HINT 2 :

Get advice from the experts! If your domain listings are not receiving any attention from prospective buyers, the chances are that you're doing something wrong! Domain selling is a very specialized business, and success will come only after you've armed yourself with all of the insider tips and techniques that the pros use.
Premium Domain Name Appraisal services are designed to meet this need. A ICDomains Premium Appraisal gives you a lot more than just a suggested price: We'll fully explain the primary value-drivers in today's fast-changing domain name market: search-engine compatibility, branding and advertising potential, and commerce potential. ICDomains can research and recommend potential buyers and help avert you to potential obstacles to making a great sale, like trademark conflicts or unregistered alternative domains.

We like to think of our Premium Domain Name Appraisal Services as expert "Domain Name Consulting" with the goal of helping you sell your domain names for more! Thus, if you have specific questions not addressed by a standard appraisal format, contact our appraisal team at appraisals@SITE_NAME.us and the chances are that they will be able to accommodate your needs.


  HINT 3 :

Amend the WHOIS information for your domain to let people know that the name is for sale. For instance, you could update the admin contact to read: "Your Name (This name is for sale at SITE_NAME.us)"


  HINT 4 :

Promote your domains! Our experience shows that your domains will be sold 3-4 times faster, if you promote them with our link-system. Do you want Hints for inserting links on your domains?


  HINT 5 :

Reply to every bid, even if the price is really low. Very often potential buyers will mention a low price to start with, in order to 'test the water' - don't be insulted by this, you would probably do the same thing if you were attempting to buy a name. Quote a much higher price in return, and then try and establish some common ground in the middle. And last but not least: make sure that your email address is up-to-date. If you change your email address and don't change your email address entry on Domibay, the bids won't reach you!



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