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My Hotel

Welcome to demo vesion!
For admin panel: username: admin, password: 123456
At: http://icloudcenter.net/demos/ichotelreservation/admin

Administrator Panel Account Manager - Administrators - Administrator can add / edit and manage administrator accounts. Hotels Manager - Hotels - Administrator can manage hotels that will appear on the site with the hotel name, description, address, phone and fax. - Room Types - Administrator can define the type of rooms in the hotels, rooms prices and upload an image for each room. - Hotel Rooms - For each hotel the administrator can define the rooms available, rooms number, max occupants and remarks on the specific room. Bookings Manager - Bookings - All bookings and reservations maid on the site are displayed with all booking details: arrival date, departure date, hotel name, room type, number of passengers, price... - Available Rooms - Administrator can also search for room availability from the administrators panel and does not have to go on the site in order to look for hotels. - Bookings History - Administrators can view all bookings ever maid on the site. Reports - Bookings Statistics - Administrator can view statistics of booking on bar charts that show the difference in bookings according to months. Emails - Email Templates - Administrators can edit the text on each email. Options - Languages - Define the languages that will be viewed on the site with the language code. - Constants - Foe each language the administrator can define the wording. General - Panel Settings - Here the administrator can define the basic site name and header. - Menu Manager - Here the site administrator can rearrange the menu bar with the sub pages of the administrator panel. - Site Settings - Here the administrator can define if to use pay pal on the site and if yes then what will be the pay-pal email address used, the administrator can also define the administrator email address where all reservation emails will be sent to. - Static Pages - Here the administrator can edit the content of the static pages on the site for each language: Area Information Page, Rooms Page... ICHotelReservation is a hotel reservation site script where site users will be able to search rooms availability with an online booking reservation system. Site users can also browse hotels, view room inventory, check availability, and book reservations in real-time. Site users enter arrival date and departure date then search for availability and rates. After choosing the right room in the wanted hotel - all booking and reservation process is done on the site and an email is sent to confirm the booking.




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